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About the author

Born and raised in Michigan, Rebecca enjoys a rich life that is centered on faith and family. She is a self-confessed over-achiever whose favorite activities include fishing, gardening, mushroom foraging, and swimming. Her career as a critical care nurse gave her a wealth of experience to draw from. Rebecca is an artist as well as a writer, painting in oils and watercolors. She delights in good food, good wine, and dark chocolate. 


Rebecca believes all stories begin with two words: what if? She writes with a mind to those words—what if there were well-crafted books without the baggage of graphic content? What if there were books that portrayed real-life conflict and characters that were so well portrayed that it seemed they were friends?  She writes with empathy, taking readers to a place where time drifts and the focus is solely on what happens next.

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The Leavings

(release to be announced)

People leave. The past does not.


June 1970. The Vietnam War rages and the Beatles have broken up. 

    Reclusive Huntley Bannister knows the type of people who summer in grand cottages near the Lake Michigan village of Fairwater—rich, spoiled, and snooty. Chicago heiress Margot Lederer is one of them. When her car breaks down and Huntley renders aid, he finds a needy woman beneath the veneer. He enters her social circle and they soon become lovers. 

    When her grandfather dies, Margot hurries back to Chicago and disappears. Her phone number and address are unlisted and having no way to contact Margot, Huntley is forced to wait for her promised return. Instead, the local paper announces Margot has married a man she does not love. 

    Eight years later, Huntley encounters Margot and discovers she's kept a secret that changes everything he's thought about her--and the course of his life. 

    Told with compassion for human failings, The Leavings will make you laugh, cry, and root for Huntley.

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 (Temporary cover)


About The Leavings


What happens to the people we've left behind? This is the question that led to an award-winning short story and turned into a novel. Several themes emerge in The Leavings. The overarching theme is how decisions, good or bad, have lasting impacts. Another is the ruinous expectations of social class. A third element is the contrast between hope (as exhibited by Huntley's best friend, Lane) and the defeatism Huntley wallows in. Ultimately, The Leavings is a story of forgiveness and redemption.

Notebook and Pen

Coming Events

There are no planned events at this time. However, I expect to announce the following: 

*Book cover reveal


*Book Launch Team activity

*Book Launch Party invitations

*Book release date and availability information

I will also be offering a chance to participate in my launch team in the near future. The success of The Leavings depends on a smashing kick-off to which a first-rate launch team is indispensable. In exchange for a few hours of brainstorming and reaching out to your contacts, you'll have access to exclusive content including insights on the novel and short stories! If you're interested, use the contact form below and let me know.


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