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Tidbits and Random Thoughts...

It’s a day for penning random thoughts. Such as dealing with our aging Bichon, Paco. Such as the prospect of The Leavings making the rounds of potential publishers beginning next week. Such as two of our three daughters and their spouses and kids (one in a bun) visiting us here in Florida. Such as praying the daughter and her husband who are flying don’t have their flight cancelled. I’m so tired of COVID!! I don’t mind if they end up stuck here an extra day or two, but I sure do want them to land at Orlando International tomorrow afternoon as planned. The condo has been cleaned top to bottom in anticipation of their visit. Yay for me!

As for our dog, another flare up of pancreatitis had him back at the vet on December 7th. This is the third flare up in the last nine months He’s fourteen and each time he becomes acutely ill, I wonder if it’s the last time. I dread the day of THE DECISION that steadily nears. He’s a little dog with a very big heart, and he is pulling through thanks to excellent veterinary care and my own attentive nursing skill that include pills and insulin injections twice a day. Hard to believe Paco will be fifteen on March 17. He’s such a big part of our family that I know there will be a huge hole when he crosses the rainbow bridge.

My wonderful agent will be sending The Leavings to editors at publishing houses beginning next Wednesday. I’m cautiously optimistic it will be picked up. After the disappointment of having The Rising Road sent to multiple editors only to find my main character wasn’t likable enough for them, I’m much more guarded in my hopes for publication. Time will tell. However, I think this one is a go. I’ve already begun the preliminary work on the next novel and anticipate it to be a fun one to write given it’s about three middle-aged women (who are each prone to stretching the truth) on the adventure of a lifetime.

I am excited about having family with us over the New Year holiday. I haven’t seen our granddaughters since October. The fact that we live across the road from them in our Michigan home makes me ache for them all the more when we are gone, even as I ache for all our family. Sadly, our time together will be bittersweet as our eldest daughter is unable to come. She’s still a nomad since hurricane Ida tore up her apartment. Repairs are underway, but they cannot come fast enough. We will sorely miss having her with us.

So that’s my random thoughts, nothing profound, just life. Happy New Year to you all!

Fresh fruits waiting for company - we bought out the farmer's market.

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